building and flying model aircraft

Back in the air !

Though things are still far from certain the state government is allowing up to 10 people to meet in groups for recreational purposes such as flying. However, to ensure we don’t become the next COVID-19 cluster group we have developed the following flying day protocols as at 11/5/19.

  1. Flying will be on Sundays only.
  2. Max number at field is 10. Make sure you are going to fly, not socialise. Aunty Gladdy said we cangather for recreation not talking shit.
  3. Only club members. No visitors.
  4. John will have WX email up on Thursday morning. You must have replied by 7pm on Friday with thetimes you will be there. No exceptions.
  5. If you have the cold, flu or are feeling crook don’t go.
  6. 1.5 meter rule and sanitising is the key to stopping the virus spreading. It applies at all times. Sitting in chairs and yarning is OK as long as there is separation. If you need to help your mate with his model that’s OK but be safe and sanitise.
  7. We need to try not to touch things others have touched. So, the Bungalow is off limits till furthernotice. Bring your own thermos, teabags, mug and whatever else you need. The club will supply hand sanitiser and there will be hot water at the kitchen sink for hand washing. Use sanitiser before and after taking down and putting up the electric fence.
  8. Only make necessary visits to the shed and dunny, use the hand sanitiser.
  9. Downloading and turning on the app is voluntary.
  10. Consider not going to the field if you have visited outside of your home town.
  11. Aunty Gladdy also says “complacency is our enemy”