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Oily Hand Day Postponed till 2021

We have decided to postpone Oily Hand 2020 till 27th, 28th & 29th August 2021. With the imposition of social distancing and sanitising along with the need to be constantly vigilant, the quintessential nature of Oily Hand with its special aeromodelling camaraderie would be lost. The event would be simply another fly-in. Not the Oily Hand we all know and love with its car boot sales, frosty mornings by the fire drum, adrenaline charged plank […]

Back in the air !

Though things are still far from certain the state government is allowing up to 10 people to meet in groups for recreational purposes such as flying. However, to ensure we don’t become the next COVID-19 cluster group we have developed the following flying day protocols as at 11/5/19. Flying will be on Sundays only. Max number at field is 10. Make sure you are going to fly, not socialise. Aunty Gladdy said we cangather for […]