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Oily Hand Diesel Day 2024 – 24th & 25th August

25th Jan – That’s an oops by Andy!

Been a bit slack as I have already had some calls about the date and folk wanting to know which weekend so they can get in early to book accommodation. It is 37 degrees outside and humid like up in the gulf country so what better thing to do than stop running that new SAMS 1.25 and hide inside and start composing the Oily Hand Page for 2024

As always Oily Hand is the last weekend of August so that makes it Friday 23rd, Sat 24th and Sunday 25th. As usual you are welcome at the field for early registration and trimming flights on the Friday after lunch. And, of course we will have the billy on. Don’t make it too early as we will still be knocking in marker pegs and zooming around on the mower. Start on both Saturday and Sunday is as the sun peeks over the eastern ridge and brekky is available early both days. If you are around Monday you can have a casual fly in the morning before you head off as the field is open.

Keep an eye on this page as time passes I will add more. The latest information will be at the top and the earlier stuff will still be below it.