building and flying model aircraft

Flying Rags

This year at Oily Hand on Saturday lunchtime we will be having an Oily Hand Rag Mass Launch. We have done this many years ago at Oily Hand, so we thought it is time for another go. Check out the ‘how to’ below and get your Rag sorted. This one can be attributed to Ken Willard from his 1985 book ‘8 Easy Projects for 1/2A Engines’. Here is a copy that explains all about it. […]

Aerotech Peacemaker kit review.

Unlike the majority of laser cut ‘short’ kits, Aerotech kits come with all the strip & block wood along with the laser cut balsa and ply parts and the plan.  You don’t have to scrabble around finding stock wood to fit the the laser cut parts, it is done for you at the factory and provided in the kit. I for one appreciated this touch after having given up on laser cut kits for the […]

Nigel Sunday

Took my David Owen Magnum C/L to the field last Sunday 20th. Lovely and sunny, but a breeze so there was no one else there. I set up the stooge and had half a dozen flights. It was great as I didn’t need to make way for any R/C activity and was able to test some tank set ups and timing I had been trying to get done for a while. Stopped midway for a […]