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Oily Hand 2022 – 27th & 28th August

23rd August – Quick update here.

Have had some enquires about the weather and condition of the strip and roads leading to Oily Hand.

First up – as usual the weather will clear by Friday out here for Oily Hand. Friday will be early fog, then sunny and calm. So get going early. The strip is open between noon and 4pm and afternoon tea will be available. We will also take registrations so you can get cracking first thing Saturday morning. Saturday is set to be fog then sunny, which means calm conditions. As we are up away from the river the fog shouldn’t be too bad. The firebucket and brekky will be on from dawn. Sunday is predicted to have some cloud cover but it will be calm all day, probably dead still early on.

Second – The strip is in top condition as usual. It is not wet and soggy as this land drains well. We have managed to keep up mowing of the strip and parking areas over the winter. The roads to the strip are all ok. The lane in is good condition (a few erosion rilles so take it steady). There are two fields for free flight. Both have a four inch cover of lucerne. Both are adjacent to the main field so we will use whichever one suits the prevailing wind. You are asked not to fly free flight from the main field. Canola? The two paddocks on the east of the lane have canola in flower. They should not be a problem if you have trimmed your free fighter well.

Third – there are significant flood mitigation releases from Wyangla Dam at the moment. This means that most of the little bridges along the Lachlan are under water. So stick the the main routes and don’t go on any little back road adventures or you may have to turn around and back track.

See you all on the weekend – Andy

Drone image Sunday 21st 2:12pm – dead calm so I flew free flight.
7/8/22 – Pilot’s Draw for Oily Hand is this Paul Pecan Hummingbird built by that doyen of small free flight, Peter Jackson. Powered by a nice new Cox product engine set up for free flight.
Yep you could win this aeroplane and maiden it at Oily Hand with Peter’s expert assistance to get it trimmed just right.
Paul Plecan Hummingbird built by Peter Jackson for Oily Hand Day

Hey there Oily Handers, Oily Hand is just around the corner so it’s time to start gearing up for the big event. I will be posting updates as the event draws closer, so check back here from time to time.

Download the information brochure here
Brochure ’22
Make sure you download and check the Pilots Briefing and relevant Event Rules by clicking on the links below.
Pilots Briefing Notes 2022
Plank Racing Rules 2022
Note that the Peacemaker is the Superplank model this year
David Owen FF Scramble Rules
Models of the Meet.
C/L is the evergreen Peacemaker by George Aldrich. This is the 36″ profile version from the 1958 Aeromodeller plan. The plan is available as a download from Outerzone https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=6455 you can also get the Aerotech Kit from Bill East w_east@optusnet.com.au
F/F and R/C is the Kiel Kraft Southerner 60. You can also find the plan for this on Outerzone. But Bill at Aerotech is doing a tried and tested kit for this model which eliminates  the extensive parts cutting this model involves. You can also build its younger sister the Southerener Mite. Mark Godfrey is doing a kit for this one. Contact him at trojanlaserproducts@gmail.com
This is a link to the Oily Hand Rag Flying that is on lunchtime Saturday  https://cowramac.com/index.php/2022/06/26/flying-rags/