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Oily Hand Diesel Day 2021

Welcome back Oily Handers. After a bumpy old ride in the pandemic cart we have finally arrived at a destination where we can get back out on the field and do what we like best – playing with our grubby little aeroplanes.

Oily Hand 2021 Updates

Check here from time to time as this is the official place for any updates

9/8/21 – Southerner Mite. News from Mark Godfrey is that he is doing the laser cut kit for the Southerner Mite which is the 32″ version of the Southerner and is of course also part of the model of the meet for 2022. Contact Mark at [email protected] to get your kit.

7/8/21 – Oily Hand Postponed. We have shifted the date for Oily Hand 2021 to 2nd and 3rd April 2022. The the format of events and models of the meet will remain the same. It is pretty obvious that hardly anyone will be at liberty to attend with the continuing advances being made by the delta strain. We know that this is the right decision.

We will still run Oily Hand 2022. The dates are 26th, 27th & 28th August. Let’s hope the Covid-19 situation has vastly improved by then. The models of the meet are:  C/L George Aldrich Peacemaker. This is the original profile version . . . .  And for F/F, R/C assist The Keil Kraft Southerner. Both can be found on Outerzone and Bill East has laser cut kits complete with plans and strip wood available for both. More details will be on the 2022 Oily Hand page on this website shortly. You can order a kit from Bill to keep yourself sane in lockdown at  [email protected]  happy building.

29/7/21 – Start your motors.  It just so happens that the new lockdown for Greater Sydney et al ends at one minute past midnight on the Saturday morning of Oily Hand. That means y’all need to pack your models on Friday night, warm up your motor and hit the road as the cuckoo pops its head out come midnight.

23/7/21 – Oh dear, Aunty Gladdy.  I have been contacted with questions about what is happening vis-a-vis the Orange/Cabonne outbreak, lockdown  and OHDD. The flying field is Cowra shire and is not affected by that lockdown. We intend to run the event even if numbers are reduced due to some not being able to make it because they are locked down. I know it does not look promising for Greater Sydney and interstate but only time will tell. Keep checking back here for updates.

14/7/21 Pre-registration by 20th August. This will help us with the catering and organisation at Oily Hand. We already have some pre-registrations.  All you need to do is email [email protected] with your name and if you will be dining from the club the kitchen – $70 entry fee, or bringing your own – $30 entry fee. At this stage we do not know if there will be a cap on numbers or how it would work. You will get an email back confirming your pre-registration is on the database.

We also have had a couple of vendors let us know they will be setting up in the carpark. If you intend to sell goodies at Oily Hand you need to let us know so Covid safe protocols can be put in place. We may have to limit how many and/or have time slots. Just email and we will let you know how it works.

13/07/21 – Bit of an oversight on my behalf here. Apparently there has been some discussion about the entry fee and whether it is OK to bring your own food instead of having to get fed from the club kitchen. Yep, sure that is OK. Then you will only need to pay the $30 entry fee for the event. If you decide to do this you have to bring all your own food and drink. You will not be able to get anything from the Club kitchen, not even a bottle of water. That is all covered by the blanket $70 entry fee. No cash will be handled at the kitchen. Neither can you expect to use the club facilities to prepare and consume your culinary delights and to wash up. Or that the boys in kitchen will supply hot water for your cup of tea. They might do you a cuppa & bikkie if you put a gold coin in their donation tin though. I will ask Bill who is the Kitchen Chief about that and if there will actually be a donation tin.

So why the $70 upfront fee in the first place? We discussed at a club meeting how we would work the kitchen at Oily Hand in the pandemic. And, whether we would run it at all or get a caterer in. The members who do the kitchen at Oily Hand agreed to run it if they did not have to handle cash. That is a very reasonable request on their behalf in light of the Covid-19 protocols set by the NSW Government. It also frees up an extra person for cooking and serving and reduces a bottleneck at the kitchen come lunchtime. We also discussed the idea of tickets for individual meals, but realised smartly that it would be a logistical nightmare and someone would still need to collect them and get the order done…….. So, we settled on an upfront fee of $40 for the whole weekends tucker, plus $30 entry – comes to $70. We arrived at the figure as most people double up on lunch and breakfast anyrate, there are large quantities of soft drinks consumed as well as hundreds of rock cakes, muffins and cups of tea and coffee. Added to this we are most probably going to have to go the recyclable/disposable cup and plate route as well. In all $40 to be fed and watered for the weekend is a good deal. If we don’t make much money for the club coffers so be it. We would rather have happy Oily Handers than thirsty, starved ones.


8/07/21 – The current outbreak of the Delta strain and the resulting lockdown has not changed our intention to run Oily Hand. It is likely everything will be back to normal by the end of August. If it isn’t the event will still run within the prevailing restrictions.  Andy.

Covid-19 Considerations

You will notice a few things have changed for 2021 as a result of Covid-19 protocols. We are asking you to go along with us on this as we are navigating uncharted territory in re-launching Oily Hand.
The main change is that there will be no cash at the Kitchen, you pay for the whole weekend at registration. You can pay with cash at registration and that’s all the $$$$ we are going to fleece you for the whole weekend. You will be able go to the Kitchen and get your victuals as needed. We will over-cater  so there will always be the usual Cowra MAC tasties available.
You will need the Service NSW app on your phone so you can check in & out using our QR code each day for Covid tracing. There will be a written check in at the Bungalow if you don’t have online capability.
There will be 1.5 meter spacing marked out in the Bungalow/Kitchen compound and you will be expected to adhere to it. It would be preferred if you only enter the compound when you need to. It will not be a congregation point. Do what you have to and leave the area. There is more space in the parking area and pits for conversation and show and tell.
Talking of congregation points and show and tell, there is a need for caution around the car boot stalls in the parking area. You are strongly advised to wear your mask and sanitise at these locations. If you have not contacted the Oily Hand co-ordinator before the event you can’t do selling from a boot stall.
There will be no towels inside the toilets but they will have sanitiser provided outside them and it would be wise to sanitise before and after. The club will ensure the toilets are completely sanitised at the end of each day.

Models of the Meet

You can find the information for these models here https://cowramac.com/index.php/oily-hand-diesel-day-2020/

Below are the relevant documents. They can be downloaded  and saved or printed off.


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Pilots Briefing Notes – 2021docx

David Owen FF Scramble

Plank Racing Rules 2021