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Oily Hand Diesel Day 2021 postponed to 2nd & 3rd April 2022

Welcome back Oily Handers. After a bumpy old ride in the pandemic cart we have finally arrived at a destination where we can get back out on the field and do what we like best – playing with our grubby little aeroplanes.

Oily Hand 2021/22 Updates

Check here from time to time as this is the official place for any updates

16/2/22 – It’s on again. Yep it’s all systems go for April 2nd & 3rd. This Oily Hand will be run like ‘Before Times’ apart from a couple of Covid safe protocols. It is all in the brochure brochure download below.

1/1/22 Aerotech Kits. Bill East of Aerotech Kits is laser cutting and distributing kits for the Oily Hand Model of the Meet. Bill’s kits are comprehensive and include all wood and plans. That includes accurately sized strip wood, bearers and laser cut ply and balsa parts all packed in a cardboard box. You supply your own hardware.

I have built the Peacemaker from the Aerotech range and can vouch for the quality. You can check out the build log here  https://cowramac.com/index.php/2022/02/17/aerotech-peacemaker-kit-review/

You can order a kit from Bill at w_east@optusnet.com.au  happy building.

Aerotech Kits price list Talk to Bill about the range of kits he has which are not listed in the price list.

9/8/21 – Southerner Mite. News from Mark Godfrey is that he is doing the laser cut kit for the Southerner Mite which is the 32″ version of the Southerner and is of course also part of the model of the meet for 2022. Contact Mark at trojanlaserproducts@gmail.com  to get your kit.

7/8/21 – Oily Hand Postponed. We have shifted the date for Oily Hand 2021 to 2nd and 3rd April 2022. The the format of events and models of the meet will remain the same. It is pretty obvious that hardly anyone will be at liberty to attend with the continuing advances being made by the delta strain. We know that this is the right decision.

We will still run Oily Hand 2022. The dates are 26th, 27th & 28th August. Let’s hope the Covid-19 situation has vastly improved by then. The models of the meet are:  C/L George Aldrich Peacemaker. This is the original profile version . . . .  And for F/F, R/C assist The Keil Kraft Southerner. Both can be found on Outerzone and Bill East has laser cut kits complete with plans and strip wood available for both.


Brochure Apr ’22 #2

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Models of the Meet


Below are the relevant documents.

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Pilots Briefing Notes – 2021docx

David Owen FF Scramble

Plank Racing Rules 2021