building and flying model aircraft


While learning to fly small foam RC models is relatively simple. However, even after watching a lot of You Tube tutorials, learning to fly larger radio control aircraft can be quite difficult and costly. CowraMAC has two qualified Instructors that teach the MAAA RC powered aircraft program to Silver and Gold Wings standard.

Instructors use dual control “buddy box” systems that allow them to take control of the aircraft almost instantly should the trainee pilot get into trouble. This results in very few crashes in the training phase compared to a novice who decides to go it alone. They are likely to ‘bend’ several planes before mastering the art, so any membership fee is quickly repaid if there is no damage to the aircraft.

The club also has two trainer aircraft set up for the purpose. If you would like to have a go at flying these larger RC aircraft please contact us so that we can give you a trial flight before you buy your own gear.