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Oily Hand Diesel Day 2020


‘Models of the meet’ for 2020 have been carried over to 2021

Control Line

The C/L models are the Carl Goldberg series of profile stunters: Shoestring, Cosmic Wind and Buster. You would remember Dave Bailey had his very nice Shoestring on display and flying at Oily Hand for us this year. These are the 42” profile fuse series based on full size pylon racers. Be careful as there are full fuse and larger versions around and they are not part of model of the meet. Only the ones from the original Goldberg series are valid for this event. Of course you can scale from the original plan to build smaller and larger versions. The Shoestring plan is available on Outerzone (www.outerzone.co.uk). The Cosmic Wind is on Hip Pocket. I haven’t seen a plan for the Buster. 

Brodak does a kit of each complete with decals. 

Dave Baileys extra nice Shoestring is rendered in the original paint scheme    


The Brodak Cosmic Wind kit comes complete with everything including decals.

NB: Brodak sell decals separately for each of these kits.


Radio Control

The R/C – F/F model is the Aeroflyte Nova. This is a pretty 46” span parasol wing three channel model. 

Unfortunately the foreshadowed kit that was to be produced did not eventuate. I have it on good advice that the factory was destroyed by fire. The plan on Outerzone AeroFlyte Nova plan shows the templates for various parts including the formers, cabanes, doublers, fin, tail & etc. This is really useful as it will make setting up the cabane and wing incidence easy. The Boddington Barnstormer from a couple of years back proved a bit tricky in that part of the building and set up. 

It is worth noting that a Model Called ‘Small Wonder’ is the same as the Nova. Which came first, the Nova or the Wonder? Anyrate here is a link to the Small Wonder plan found on Outerzone Small Wonder plan

There has been discussion about the engine to power the model. As the model was a from a popular Australian manufacturer and the plan showed an OS 15 glow engine it has been decided that as well as a diesel, a glow engine is also allowable. Therefore, the engine for the Nova can be a diesel of any capacity or a plain bearing glow engine with a maximum capacity of .25cuin. It may be fitted with the stock muffler supplied with the engine. 

ALL OTHER R/C models at Oily Hand must follow the Oily Hand engine formula. That is, any size diesel or a glow of less than 1cc. This will mean that after Oily hand the model can be flown at fields with noise restrictions. We anticipate this will encourage a lot more modellers to build this fine little aeroplane. 

For more some more info about the ‘Nova’ here is a downloadable pdf